As part of “Eat Drink Local Week”, I participated in the Urban Farms Bicycle Tour.

This week, unfortunately the week I'm in San Carlos is edible Austin’s “Eat Drink Local Week” benefiting the Sustainable Food Center and Urban Roots.

I left on Sunday, so the only event I could participate in was the Urban Farms Bicycle Tour on Saturday.

That's about 35 miles with stops at a whole bunch of urban (or at least suburban) farms and community gardens. The number and variety of urban farm spaces is amazing and inspiring: back yard gardens, front yard gardens, community gardens, grade schools with chicken coops, even a farm with aquaculture.

I tried to remember to take pictures at each stop, though I missed a couple.[1].

I'm really sorry I missed the rest of the week.

[1]Yes, I know the photos should be on the map on this page. It's on my todo list!

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