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An afternoon, and a couple of evenings, of photographs from Oxford on the occasion of XML Summer School.

First, let me say that XML Summer School was great fun.[1]. It's wonderfully small; I'm not sure I met every single participant, but I certainly could have. Not surprisingly, I know most of the instructors (and count them among my friends), the organizers and staff did a great job, the social events were delightful, and the participants were keen, excited, and full of interesting questions. It's been a long time since I got to talk to so many “real users” and I always enjoy that.

I had most of Sunday and a few hours on some of the evenings to take pictures. A few are here, they're all on Flickr (and there's a Flickr Pool of photos from other folks as well).


Wadham College Quad


Stained glass in the Wadham College dining hall


Sunset over punts at Cherwell Boat House


Radcliffe Camera

I probably have a few too many shots of the Radclife Camera.


The Divinity School at The Bodleian


All Soul's from the University Church of St Mary the Virgin


Flooding on the Thames

On my way out of town, I heard a news report say that the Thames had crested. I hope that's true. The flooding didn't seriously impact the conference, but it was clearly a disaster for some of the surrounding communities (both in the immediate vicinity of Oxford and farther afield). Here's hoping for a long, dry, sunny spell.

[1]Full disclosure: I was invited to speak and the organizers paid my travel expenses.