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Another snapshot of the continuing improvements to the XSLT 2.0 stylesheets for DocBook.

Yesterday, I quietly published the 2.0.3 release of the DocBook XSLT 2.0 stylesheets.

The big change in this release is the move towards HTML5. The stylesheets now produce <article> elements for major units, <section> elements for sections, <figure> elements, etc. In order to retain compatibility with older browsers, I've updated the CSS and JavaScript. I'm employing a customized version of Modernizr for backwards compatibility.

I've updated the stylesheets used for this weblog to the latest release and flushed all the cached HTML, so those changes appear here now as well. If you see any weirdness, please report it.

Other changes worth noting: table columns now have a class attribute for better CSS access and tables of contents are always (and only) produced with <ul>’s. The alternative presentation with <dl> produced invalid markup because there were never any <dd>s.

The other changes are summarized in the release notes:

  • Converted a number of div elements into more semantic HTML5 elements (<article>, <section>, etc.).

  • Fixed <lineannotation> formatting.

  • Added localization template for annotation titles. Fixed bugs in annotation support.

  • Added a default.table.column.widths parameter to allow a user to suppress default column widths when none are specified in the DocBook (CALS) table. In an effort to make it easier to control table style with CSS, added a “tcoln” class to each table column.

  • Added support for plugins (and other mechanisms) to load localization data in MarkLogic server.

  • Fiddled with nesting of divs in chunks to better support CSS styling of the footer.

  • Greatly improved chunking performance.

  • Fixed bug where sections would sometimes be labelled even if they didn't appear in autolabel.elements.

  • Removed massive i18n.xml and i18ndata.xsl files; dynamically load individual locales when needed.

  • Removed about:legacy-compat doctype as it borks XML parsers.

  • Fixed github issue 2, empty title causes infinite loop.

  • Fixed <link> processing.

  • Rearranged the way chunks are handled so that the whole document is available for cross references even when only the selected chunk (rootid) is processed

  • Changed condition for title foil slides to accomodate new content model in slides: (foil|foilgroup)+.

  • Always use <ul> for tables of contents, <dl>s without any <dd> are not valid in HTML5

  • Treat HTML table caption as title for the purposes of cross references.

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