Searching text/plain documents with a fragid, 30 Sep 2016
In XML, XProc

It’s very handy to be able to include portions of a text/plain resource with an RFC 5147 fragment identifier, but sometimes it would be even more handy if the start and end could be located dynamically.

The short-form week of 15–21 Aug 2016, 22 Aug 2016; last updated 26 Aug 2016
In shortform

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

Hello from Balisage, 04 Aug 2016
In Balisage

A shout out from the podium.

Non Standard, 16 Jun 2016

Being a few reflections on twenty years in markup standards.

XProc Workshop 2016, 12 Jun 2016
In xproc

XML Amsterdam and CWI are jointly hosting two days of workshops this fall in Amsterdam: XProc on 26 September and XForms on 27 September. Hope you can join us!

App subscriptions, 10 Jun 2016
In App, TheWeb

Would you like to buy this app, or rent it?

Data vs APIs, 30 May 2016

If you can’t have the data, an API is nice. A better API would be better, and sometimes the data would be nice(r).

New desktops, 29 May 2016
In Emacs, Laptop

Not the physical kind, but a little online workspace tinkering.

XQuery by default, 27 May 2016
In MarkLogic, XQuery

Using TamperMonkey to “fix” QConsole.

Balisage 2016, 24 May 2016
In Balisage

Come hang out with all the markup geeks! Or, less flippantly, come discuss the hard problems and the deep questions with a broad array of engineers, librarians, philosophers, linguists, researchers, scholars, in-the-trenches practitioners, assorted polymaths, and interesting people of all stripes.

Org-mode support for MarkLogic, 08 May 2016
In Emacs, MarkLogic

Hacking MarkLogic support into Emacs org-mode code blocks.

Lucky number 13!, 28 Apr 2016
In SelfReference

Thirteen years of random, irregular scribblings.

Barton Creek, April 2016, 27 Apr 2016
In Austin

Barton Creek avant le déluge et après le déluge.

Places, 18 Apr 2016; last updated 25 Apr 2016
In SelfReference, TheWeb

Keeping track of where you want to go by writing an app. Because that’s what you do, right?

First Phở, 17 Apr 2016
In Gastronomy

In which your humble scribe engages in food porn.

Leaves and spices, 22 Mar 2016
In Trees

On the subject of bay leaves.

Just this one thing…, 18 Mar 2016
In Programming

It’s always just one thing after another.

UX Ugh, 09 Mar 2016
In Humor

Sometimes just because you can do a thing doesn’t mean you should.

Feel free to comment, 09 Mar 2016
In SelfReference, TheWeb

Is this thing on?

Reboot!, 04 Mar 2016
In SelfReference, TheWeb

Hello again. Again.

Design, 20 Oct 2015
In Humor

Design vs. use.

Gradle, etc., 16 Mar 2015; last updated 06 Apr 2015
In Technology

A few thoughts on improving build processes.

XInclude 1.1 (Last Call mark II), 18 Dec 2014

Implementation experience, there's nothing like it.

Tarot scoring, 14 Oct 2014
In CardGames

Score keeping for the French card game Tarot is way too difficult, especially after a couple of cocktails. Here's my attempt to fix that problem.

Upgrade complete, 18 Aug 2014
In GooglePlus

All systems back to normal? Well, no, probably not. There's tremendous room for error...

Scheduled maintenance, 14 Aug 2014; last updated 15 Aug 2014
In GooglePlus

I'm going to upgrade my "production" server this weekend. Expect some downtime...

Consider the demographics of an airline club, 06 Aug 2014
In GooglePlus, Humor, Technology

Now consider these phones. They have stickers with the...

DocBook and HTML 5(.x), 23 Jul 2014
In DocBook, HTML5

HTML 5(.x) today reminds me a lot of DocBook 1(.x) twenty years ago. That's neither criticism nor compliment, merely observation.

Back to Ubuntu, 11 Jul 2014
In Linux, ThinkPad

The best QA wins.

Disturbing camera malfunction, 16 Jun 2014
In GooglePlus, Photography

After performing flawlessly for a couple of weeks, my new Olympus E-...

Laptop free, 31 May 2014
In GooglePlus, Technology

I've muttered a few times now about the fact that I didn't bring a laptop on this trip...