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24 Feb 2016; last modified 10 Mar 2016

About this site.

Life is too short.

Whoa! Sorry. Didn’t mean to drop something so heavy on you right there at the start. It seems like most web pages these days are just smeared with gunk. Every day we slog through paywalls, obtrusive popups (I do not want your [expletive deleted—ed] app.), flashy, distracting adds, and a sea of clickbait that staggers between the banal and the disturbing.

Against that backdrop, I decided my own weblog was just too cluttered, too messy. I publish my own tweets in the “shortform” essays, but they came to completely dominate the front page [so write more—ed]. I enjoyed crafting the queries that produced the side bars on ordinary posts, but you don’t care.

Some stuff is just gone, but some has been kept in less obtrusive places. (Most of the content from those sidebars, for example, is behind the little “” icon in the page navigation areas at the top and bottom of the page.) Only the most recent shortform post shows up on the front page and the forward/backward navigation for regular postings and shortform postings are independent.

I went with the Tufte CSS setup because the man knows something about visual design. I’ve tried to make it responsive; it mostly works, but there are definitely some issues on narrow devices.

There are no cookies on this site. I’m making no effort to track you. I don’t even pay much attention to the logs. I don’t make any money off this thing, though the AWS hosting isn’t as cheap as I’d have hoped. But there won’t be ads.

That’s the high order bits, I think. If you want to know more, there’s a “contact” link down there on the bottom of the page that you can click on. Or find me on the web.