Lugano, Switzerland

Volume 5, Issue 4; 01 Apr 2002

Lugano, Switzerland

Today began our first real day of touring. Bus or Firari Testarosa. Decisions, decisions.

Ironically, for an Italy tour, it begins with a trip to Lugano in Switzerland.

On the way to Lugano, we stopped at Como on the beautiful Lake Como. A brief boat tour provided ample opportunity to admire the villas of the sorts of folk to which the ordinary rich and famous can only aspire. If, perchance, this includes you, and you're looking for someone to watch over your villa for a few weeks in the summer, well, feel free to ask.

Beyond spectacular views, gorgeous gardens, and architecurally marvelous style, some of these villas offer such amenities as private trams and even a private elevator up to the street level.

Lugano itself is a beutiful lakeside community nestled in a valley of steep hills. An ideal setting for the purchase of fine Swiss craftsmenship in watch making. And chocolate.

The journey back to the hotel provided an opportunity to observe an Italian tradition: Easter Monday picnicing. This is a tradition taken seriously, with miles and miles of cars lined up around the public parks teaming with throngs of people who came prepared for a complete full-body picnic experience.