Pompeii, Italy

Volume 5, Issue 12; 09 Apr 2002

Pompeii, Italy

This morning, under cloudy skies, we proceded from Sorrento to Pompei, on our way to Rome. At Popei, we were able to make a brief tour of the ruins.

Unfortunately, early rain conspired to make it very wet and very crouded as a number tour groups delayed their departures hoping the rain would ease up.It did, eventually, and we finished under sunny, overcast skies.

The ruins are marvelous and this is clearly a site where a full day or two could easily be spent wandering over the 45 or so acres that have been excavated.

Note, however, that a number of structures have been closed indefinitely as they are not considered structurally sound, particularly after the earthquake inthe '80s. Also note that most of the treasures excavated from Pompei are on display in Naples, not at the excavation site.

Following Pompei, we began the afternoon drive to Rome, our final tour destination. About a third of the way there, we were startled by a loud "THUMP" and a crash followed by several more unhealty noises (and a fair amount of screaming).

That was the sound of a fan belt breaking and tearing apart the entire fan assembly with a few chunks of radiator thrown in for good measure. (Note that there are no blades left on the rotor assembly at all.) Luckily, we were able to pull into a service area for lunch while a replacement bus was located. All in all, we lost no more than an hour or so leaving us plenty of time to reach Rome.

But before going, there was time to say good buy to Franko, our excellent driver. Even had he been able to carry us all the way to Rome, we would have parted company there as we will be using different busses in the city. "Ciao Franko!"

In our original plan, we would have dined at La Pergola tonight, but it's been a long journey and a long day. Next time we're in Rome...