New Navigation

Volume 6, Issue 25; 30 May 2003

Order in all things.

Time is that quality of nature which keeps events from happening all at once. Lately it doesn't seem to be working.

The very observant among you may have noticed that a new navigation paradigm sprang into existance on this site earlier this morning. The build tools are now generating link elements in the head of article HTML pages.

Reasonable browsers expose this in the UI, or at least give you the option of exposing it.

Navigation Toolbar from Mozilla

On NWN, these links provide chronologically sequential access to the articles. I may add some more of these in the future, perhaps for navigation by topic. Stay tuned.

On the subject of navigation. If you arrived here by way of a redirect from the former Travel Journal section of, you may have stumbled over some 404s. The page layout isn't exactly the same, so the redirects are...imperfect. I think this only happens if you arrive by way of some direct link into the old pages (e.g., if a google image search points you directly at one of the photos). But I could be wrong. Anyway, sorry about that.


It may be worth looking at ROR Sitemaps as well ( Generator ).

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