Search Me

Volume 6, Issue 77; 26 Aug 2003

Italy is very popular.

Search well and be wise; nor believe that self-willed pride will ever be better than good counsel.


Looking at the popular searches is quite interesting. I can only imagine that I have relatively good Google karma because of the technical stuff I write and that my travel journals, which contain words much more relevant to the general population I suppose, benefit from my karma. I wonder if the folks doing the searching think its a benefit?

I have anecdotal evidence that they're not all completely disappointed. A couple of folks have asked me about our canal vacation because they were planning something similar. None of them, alas, told me whether or not they actually did it or enjoyed it if they did. C'est la vie.

Although it didn't show up in the search page, because the host had no resolvable DNS name, my favorite search so far has to be this one:


That's mildly entertaining in its own right, but I was doubly amused by the fact that it turned up as a referrer twenty-nine times on 25 Aug 2003. That means the same guy clicked on the link (coincidentally, to the aforementioned canal vacation) 29 times or 29 different people happened to search for love in the south of France on that particular Monday.