Bad for the Eyes

Volume 6, Issue 82; 09 Sep 2003

Absolutely stunning optical illusions. [Updated: 16 Sep 2003 with another.]

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.


I think optical illusions are pretty neat. I had a few books of them when I was a kid and I enjoyed the random dot stereogram craze a few years back.

It never occurred to me to go looking for optical illusions on the web, there are probably zillions of examples, but I stumbled across a link to Akiyoshi's illusion npages earlier today. I'm just amazed. They are stunningly good.

Worth a peek.

[Updated 15 Sep 2003] And here's another that drifted across my desk: checker-shadow illusion. I'll save you the trouble of firing up Gimp to prove it isn't true: it is. Both squares are #6B6B6B.


That rotating snake one is AMAZING. I thought that it must be an animated GIF but only some parts of it move (those in the peripheral vision).

—Posted by Jeff Schiller on 13 Jan 2005 @ 06:11 UTC #