All Queued Up

Volume 6, Issue 100; 14 Oct 2003

You can write, but can you publish? Not without a net connection.

It is not enough to be exceptionally mad, licentious and fanatical in order to win a great reputation; it is still necessary to arrive on the scene at the right time.


In the past week I have gained a new appreciation for the timely nature of these essays: because they haven’t been. When I pulled the ethernet cable out of my laptop last Wednesday afternoon, I effectively vanished from the net.

I’ve had some limited connectivity in the interrum. Enough to pickup my work email, but not much else.

This might be seen as an argument in favor of a more dynamic build system. I build this entire site offline and simply serve the static pages from the actual host. If the content was build dynamically, you might suggest, I could have simply uploaded the relatively small XML essays over dialup and kept things flowing along. I suppose that’s true in principle, but many of the past week’s essays include digital photos that I couldn’t practically have uploaded, so I think the build system is irrelevant.

If I relied on dialup with any regularity, I’d work harder to make my personal mailbox managable at those speeds. By the time I reached my folks place and had connectivity again, my personal mailbox was so large it was impractical to collect it. The fact that just over 50% of it will turn out to be spam seems more irritating than usual.

In any event, unless I find wireless in Heathrow, you will not have seen this (or anything since my cheeky dig at English Coffee) before tomorrow morning, EDT. Hopefully even at internet speed, these essays won’t seem too dated.