Stupid IE

Volume 6, Issue 106; 04 Nov 2003

What!? Images still don’t work in IE? Tell me you’re joking, please.

Ok, so can anyone tell me what the deal is with IE and these images? I get reports that IE can’t load these images (or, apparently some others on this site).

Last time I investigated, I convinced myself that the problem was image metadata. So I’ve removed all the metadata. Now what’s wrong?

Reports from IE users most welcome. Especially if someone can tell me what’s actually causing the problem.



I used to have this problem - on two machines: Win2K + IE6; WinXP + IE6.

They now seem to work though, with your recent change.

I was persuing Ms, re: a hotfix for IE ...

I haven't been able to install it yet though. It pre-reqs IE6 SP1, but the installer doesn't recognise that I have this applied. doohh.

cheers, Evan

ps. it may be useful to leave at least one (specially marked) page with images containing meta-data. that way, hopefully we'll get to the bottom of it.

—Posted by Evan Williams on 04 Nov 2003 @ 11:01 UTC #

I have no problem with these images in IE 6 with all updates on Win 2000 SP4 - except for no vertical spacing between the various images.

But then, the page that originally reported the problem, the one with meta data in the images, does not cause a problem with IE on my machine, either...

—Posted by Tom Passin on 05 Nov 2003 @ 04:34 UTC #

Of course, you can't expect this bit of CSS to work in IE -

a[href]:hover { background: #ffa }

(since IE does not support the attribute syntax). Shouldn't cause trouble, though.

—Posted by Tom Passin on 05 Nov 2003 @ 04:36 UTC #