My Browser Market Shares

Volume 6, Issue 114; 18 Nov 2003

A quick peek at the browser market shares coming through this site between June and November.

Statistician: A man who believes figues don’t lie, but admits that under analysis some of them won't stand up either.

Evan Esar

Intrigued by Tim’s graph, I ran his methodology of my log data.

Browser Shares
Browser Shares

[Update: I originally said that I didn’t know how to explain the near mirror-image view of IE vs. Mozilla. Stuart points out that my inability to explain this is related to my being “an idiot.” Fair enough.] It’s clear that if you treat everything else as noise then IE and Mozilla divide the universe in half. They must be mirror images as one can’t go up if the other doesn’t go down. Yeah, I should have thought of that.

I’m still disappointed by the general trends.

For what it’s worth, I generated my graph with gnuplot and a little Perl.