More Hills and Dales

Volume 6, Issue 115; 19 Nov 2003

Applying security patches, uh, remotely.

The human race consists of the dangerously insane and such as are not.

Mark Twain

This story isn’t about me, it’s about my friend and colleague Stuart Williams. Participation in the TAG has brought us both to Japan and we’ve both had fun “remote computing” experiences. My own was to collect mail. His was applying a security patch to Windows 2000That’s…no, it’s too easy a shot. I’m just going to let it go..

So Stuart gets some email that says, roughly, “you will apply this security patch right now”. One might imagine that this was a little inconvenient. Not so.

Fire up Windows XP on the laptop and connect to the corporate intranet by VPN over WiFi. Then start Cygwin bash. Next, ssh to the Unix box in Bristol. Start vwmare. Wait. Wait a little longer. Windows 2000 over X over Wifi from Linux on the far side of the world isn’t the very fastest user interface going. But it works.

Windows on Linux on Windows
Windows on Linux on Windows

Patch applied.