Going to Extremes!

Volume 7, Issue 2; 02 Jan 2004

Montréal in August with a bunch of hardcore markup geeks: is there anywhere you’d rather be?

Four things come not back: the spoken word, the sped arrow, time past, the neglected opportunity.

Omar Ibnal-Halif

The Call for Participation for Extreme Markup Languages 2004 is out. Get writing!

As I said last year, this is one of my favorite conferences. It’s a small gathering of hardcore markup geeks: no suits, no marketing, just theory and practice.

If markup is your vocation or your avocation, you want to be in Montréal in August. It’s is eight months away, so you can’t say you didn’t have time to plan your trip! If you’re planning to submit, you have slightly less time as completed papers are due on 16 Apr 2004.

My zealous exhortation that you should go to Extreme is not wholly altruistic. The inside scoop from the organizers is this: the conference has to make money this year or it’s over. It didn’t quite break even last year and the folks that control the purse strings can’t afford to finance the conference if it can’t cover its expenses. In this economic climate, it’s difficult to argue with that logic.

So whether your interest is in the theoretically practical or the practically theoretical (or the totally practical or the totally theoretical or something in between, for that matter), there’s something for everyone at Extreme.

See you in Montréal!