Editing with Oxygen

Volume 7, Issue 14; 22 Jan 2004; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Kudos for a nice looking XML editing application.

[Update: Bitten by bogosity. I initially put “<oXygen/>” in the title of this essay. But because of the absurd notion that markup is escaped in feeds (which would require literal markup to be doubly escaped!) it got mangled. I’ve fixed it now.]

I’m a little reluctant to publish reviews, but I think the folks at syncRO soft have done a really nice job on their <oXygen/> XML editor. I’m happy to see, in particular, that they get whitespace right. (That’s a hot button for me because some of my working group colleagues use tools that don’t.)

It’s a Java application, so it’s cross-platform, and the performance seems pretty snappy to me. I won’t rattle off all the features of <oXygen/>, you can read about it on their home page. I tried out the W3C XML Schema and RELAX NG support and ran a document through a transformation. Impressive. It even found and highlighted the errors (mine!) in my test XML Schema.

Emacs nxml-mode is going to remain my XML editor of choice, but if Emacs isn’t your cup of tea, I think <oXygen/> deserves inspection. It’s not free, but it’s not expensive, either.


I like oxygen as well. I just have a real problem with actually *buying* an editor.

—Posted by Kevin Harris on 31 Mar 2004 @ 11:20 UTC #

Hi Norm. Having downloaded Oxygen 3 and not really tried it very much, I downloaded Oxygen 4.2 last night because the need for an XML editor with RNG validation and RNG-assisted editing had become acute.

So far it works well for validating valid documents :) the messages are cryptic for invalid ones (eg, 'required attributes missing'. Yes, but which ones?), and it seems to offer all possible elements rather than just the ones that a schema says can go in a particular place. But its useful even so, and is being actively developed, so I am happy.

—Posted by Chris Lilley on 06 Aug 2004 @ 06:09 UTC #

If you like Oxygen then you may be interested to learn that Cladonia Limited, the publisher of Exchanger XML Editor, has released a free XML Editor for use in a non-commercial environment called Exchanger XML Lite.

The Lite edition is completely free for home, academic or non-profit use. No registration required, no 30-day usage limit.

Exchanger XML Lite is a Java-based product that provides comprehensive functionality for viewing, authoring and editing XML data and documents.

Features: • Multi-document interface • Comprehensive XSLT Debugger • DTD, RelaxNG, XML Schema support • XPath, XQuery, XSLT, XSL:FO, SVG, SOAP, WSDL • Import from Database, Excel, text files • XML Digital Signatures • Generate schema from instance • Generate instance from schema • Emacs shortcuts

For more information visit http://www.freexmleditor.com

Alternatively, if you require a commercial license, or would like to try out the Grid or XML Diff/Merge functionality, then download the Exchanger XML Professional edition from http://www.exchangerxml.com and register for a 30-day trial license.

—Posted by Cladonia on 19 Oct 2005 @ 11:18 UTC #