Tampa (and Chicago)

Volume 7, Issue 15; 23 Jan 2004; last modified 08 Oct 2010

A tiny spot of local color from my recent trip to Tampa.

David Ezell and his colleagues were generous and thoughtful hosts for our working group meetings on the outskirts of Tampa this week. Good food and an open wireless access point is setting the bar pretty high. Way to go, David!

Now, before you conclude that Tampa in January was some kind of boondoggle, let me point out that I spent the better part of four days in a windowless room discussing last call issues with the XSL and XML Query Working Groups in joint session. I like these guys, but it was neither relaxing nor a respite from work. It was a pleasant respite from the arctic air, I will admit.

By Wednesday, I was beginning to think I might leave Tampa without any sense of local flavor at all. David saved the day with dinner reservations at Columbia, a restaurant in Ybor, the historic center of Tampa. (The photo’s really not very interesting, but it’s the best shot I got.)


Set in a beautiful old building, we were entertained with Flamenco dancing between courses of Spanish/Cuban cuisine. Very nice indeed.


The Chicago reference, I realize, is a complete non-sequitor. But it’s related at least (and probably at most) by the fact that I took the snap below on my way to Tampa.

Chicago by Night
Chicago by Night

That little cluster of lights off on the horizon is the city of Chicago. That makes those some seriously long, straight roads, doesn’t it?