DocBook NG: The “Cachaça” Release

Volume 7, Issue 89; 26 May 2004; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Markup changes and a major pattern renaming.

This is the third release of DocBook NG:

  • Back by popular demands: numbered sections (sect1sect5) and numbered refsections (refsect1refsect3).

  • Updated to reflect the most recent technical committee decisions:

    • Added a language attribute to verbatim environments.

    • Added a floatstyle attribute to figure, informalfigure, example, informalexample, and equation (but suspiciously, not informalequation). This needs to be revisited in the committee.

    • Added package and biblioref.

    • Added imageobjectco to mediaobject; removed mediaobjectco.

    • Added spacing to variablelist.

    • Allow superscript and subscript in gui*.

  • Restored property which had, for some reason, been left out of previous releases.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented refentry from occurring in many places where it should have been allowed.

Behind the scenes, a significant change in this release is a major renaming of the RELAX NG patterns. All of the patterns now begin with “db.” so cross-schema customizations should be more managable. It’s likely that there will be a few more significant renamings as I try to establish a useful naming convention.

I also removed a few patterns that seemed unnecessary in a RELAX NG world. I’ve basically given up on generating a parameterized DTD from the RELAX NG grammar, so attempting to preserve parameter entity extension points isn’t necessary anymore.