Joining the Creative Commons

Volume 7, Issue 109; 28 Jun 2004; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Adding a Creative Commons license to the works on this site.

When I started writing this collection of essays, I slapped on a quick copyright statement asserting “All Rights Reserved.” That was simple and easy to do, but it has always struck me as overly conservative.

I wouldn’t release code under such a restrictive license, so why release words or images that way? There’s no good reason, and Creative Commons offers a selection of much more friendly alternatives.

So this morning I’m switching to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License. In a nutshell, you are free: to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work and to make derivative works.

But you have provide attribution (you don’t get to take credit for my work) and you can’t use my work for commercial purposes. At least not without getting my explicit permission first.

Seems fair. Share and enjoy!

The essays were easy to convert to the new license. Images, like these test images, will be released under the same license.

Purple Flowers
Purple Flowers

But it’ll probably take a little longer to get them all updated. If you’re interested in a particular image that hasn’t been updated, just let me know.