Mobile Devices

Volume 7, Issue 192; 02 Nov 2004; last modified 08 Oct 2010

All this talk about mobile devices inspired me to ask about mobile service in my area because I already know exactly which wireless device I really want.

All this talk ( Tim Bray , Jeremy Zawodny , Russell Beattie , and Jon Udell ) about mobile devices inspired me to call T-Mobile again and ask about service in my area. I’m delighted to say, I no longer live in a dead zone.

This is good news to me because I already know exactly which wireless device I really want: the hiptop2.

You see, I don’t really care about the phone. To be honest, I’d rather you didn’t call me. Chances are, if you reach me on my mobile, I’m in some public place and I’d really rather not talk on the phone in the middle of some other meeting, at the airport, on some shuttle bus, or even in my car (I turn the damn thing off when I go into restaurants, theaters, and other civilized venues so you’re just out of luck there).

What I really want is the ability to carry a useful web browser around (with a flat-rate data connection, thank you very much), an instant messaging tool, an address book, a calendar, and I suppose I really do want to be able to use it as a phone every now and then.

The new hiptop2 device appears to be a tri-band GSM phone, so presumably it will work in Europe.

While I wait for my existing AT&T Mobile contact to expire, I can ponder if Palm™ integration is worth the (considerable) extra expense of the Treo™ line of phones and if the web integration on the Treo is as good. I’ve got about a year to go, I think, so it’ll all be different by then anyway.