Overheard at XML 2004

Volume 7, Issue 200; 19 Nov 2004; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Nuggets of humor from a week spent marking things up in Washington D.C.

Syllables govern the world.

John Selden

Once again, submitted for your amusement, without attribution:

On expression, freedom of

XML or RDF? I didn't want to limit the free speech on the web.

On understanding

Remember when I asked how many people really understood [it] and I said the minimum number was probably two? Those are the two.

On role playing

X: Yes, I am playing the role of Rita. But I only do that at demos, never at home.

Y: Not that there's anything wrong with that!

On web services

X: Look at that! That is so cool.

Y: Yes, but is it a web service that makes that happen?

X: No, can't you see, it actually works.

On XML, the complexity of

Yes [we used to have that], it was called the SGML Declaration.

Maybe XML 2.0 could be called SGML?

On instruments, musical

I brought my electric Ukulele

On linguistics

The trouble with Elvish linguistics is…


Hey! You canNOT end that last one with an ellipsis! Not allowed! (Who said it?)

—Posted by Dorothea Salo on 22 Nov 2004 @ 12:20 UTC #

Well, who do you think said it? :-)

The rest was something like "the experts in the field are also the worst flamers, so you can't just squelch them -- you have to carefully send back messages saying 'Please remove the fourth sentence of the third paragraph', and it's just exhausting." And I did make an exception for David.

I was telling my tale of woe as former moderator of Elfling, after Tim had told his as chair of the Atom flamefest^Wworking group.

—Posted by John Cowan on 22 Nov 2004 @ 02:04 UTC #

Oh, well, all-righty then. And the people you're talking about aren't typically nearly as expert as they think they are... not that that's unusual in the tech world either, of course.

—Posted by Dorothea Salo on 22 Nov 2004 @ 02:49 UTC #