XQuery Man

Volume 7, Issue 202; 22 Nov 2004; last modified 08 Oct 2010

A man. A plan. XQuery.

There were a lot of XQuery products or proto-products on the XML 2004 show floor this year. For many years (!), Paul Cotton was the chair of the XML Query WG; as of a few months ago, he's enlisted the help of Andrew Eisenberg and Jim Melton as co-chairs. The whole enterprise has been supported by an enormous cast of characters (Mary Fernández gave a wonderful presentation about the cast of characters at the First International Workshop on XQuery Implementation, Experience and Perspectives. The paper and the presentation are available and definitely worth getting).

“Enabling XQuery Everywhere”
“Enabling XQuery Everywhere”

In any event, the folks from Data Direct were kind enough to let Paul Cotton pose in front of their booth. The title of the image comes from the Data Direct slogan that isn't really legible in the thumbnail.