Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One

Volume 7, Issue 214; 15 Dec 2004; last modified 08 Oct 2010

We made it! [Update: The PDF file is really the Recommendation now.]

All TAG participants, past and present, have had a hand in many parts of the design of the Web. In the Architecture document, they emphasize what characteristics of the Web must be preserved when inventing new technology. They notice where the current systems don't work well, and as a result show weakness. This document is a pithy summary of the wisdom of the community.

Tim Berners-Lee

[Update: 28 Apr 2005. Dan Connolly pointed out that the PDF file I had online was the last editor's draft, not the recommendation. How'd I do that? Anyway, fixed.]

Today, the W3C published Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One as a Recommendation!

It has been utterly extraordinary working with my inestimable colleagues to get here and I'd like to extend my personal thanks to all of them: Tim Berners-Lee, Tim Bray, Dan Connolly, Paul Cotton, Roy Fielding, Ian Jacobs, Mario Jeckle (whom we lost so tragically), Chris Lilley, Noah Mendelsohn, David Orchard, and Stuart Williams. Thank you! It's been a delight. A challenging delight occasionally, but always a delight. :-)

I've tweaked my FO stylesheet to get a nice PDF of the document. The source for that transformation is the Recommendation straight off the TR page. I produced the PDF with xep from RenderX.

My essay about that stylesheet got a lot of comments and I'll be writing a supplement shortly.