On data, keeping it secure

Volume 8, Issue 6; 12 Jan 2005; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Timing is everything, I guess. I'm still pondering my gadget choice.

As I ponder a Sidekick, T-Mobile gets hacked. Timing is everything, right?

You'd think I'd run screaming from a device that was going to subject me to this sort of risk. But really, information about me is all over the place. Some of the places have been hacked. A few of them are possibly being hacked right now. And all of them are probably hackable. Welcome to the internet.

There's nothing on my “pocket information appliance” that puts me at risk. I don't keep passwords or social security numbers or things like that on it, and I never have. If you ask to borrow it for a few minutes, I'll hand it to you without a thought.

So it's not a show-stopper. But thanks for the suggestion, Edd.