Writing from planes

Volume 8, Issue 8; 17 Jan 2005; last modified 08 Oct 2010

No wifi in BDL today, so I'm testing something new: writing essays on my Sidekick.

I'm on my way to ORD this morning, bound ultimately for SFO.

American 737 Flight 2363
American 737 Flight 2363

Although I started in the terminal, I'm now writing this in seat 18F of American flight 2363, a 737 with in-seat power in rows 17 and 19, sigh. That's what I get for not checking SeatGuru I suppose, but at least it's a short flight. Hopefully I'll have better luck on the next leg.

Anyway, I realized a few days ago that with a useful web client in my pocket I could try writing essays whenever the mood strikes.

The idea is pretty straightforward: code the essay up as an email message then send it to a special "posting address".

When the message is received, it's filtered into my essay schema and, if it's valid, inserted into the collection of essays. At the moment, it remains unpublished until I rebuild the site. That's necessary in order to construct all the metadata. Eventually, I'll work out a way to compile the metadata on the production server.

Until then, it's still more fun than the in-flight magazines.


Looks like Norm's a terrorist... Last time I checked it was forbidden to take photos anywhere inside most airports, *especially* in that land 'o freedom, the good 'ol US of A.

—Posted by Adrain on 19 Jan 2005 @ 02:45 UTC #

I wasn't aware of that. Not that ignorance of the law is an acceptable excuse, of course. Nevertheless, I contest the conclusion that this infraction makes me a terrorist. Not that I'd expect any of the scoundrels in power to see it that way.

—Posted by Norman Walsh on 19 Jan 2005 @ 03:10 UTC #