DocBook NG: The “Jägermeister” and “IPA” Releases

Volume 8, Issue 52; 08 Apr 2005; last modified 08 Oct 2010

This release includes a couple of new elements and all the changes I forgot to announce in “IPA”.

This is the tenth release of DocBook NG. (Somehow I forgot to write an essay for the ninth release, “IPA”, though happily it didn't go unnoticed.)

In the interest of completeness, the user-visible changes in the “IPA” release were:

  • Added citerefentry and citebiblioid to the list of elements that can appear in bibliography entries; removed titleabbrev.

  • Reduced the content model of a bunch of inlines (command and others that were way to broad).

  • Added link, xref, superscript, and subscript to the list of “ubiquitous” inlines.

  • Added date to the list of publishing inlines.

  • Added some inlines to computeroutput and userinput.

  • Added some new exclusions (preventing admonitions and formal objects from being nested; removing some of the same from footnote).

  • Removed the highlights element. A candidate for the role attribute if I ever saw one.

  • Fixed bug that didn't allow sect1 in article when numbered sections are included.

The user-visible changes in “Jägermeister” are:

  • Added mathphrase for simple equations.

  • Added termdef for inline term definitions.

  • The constraints on spanname, colname, namest, and nameend where tightened. This should prevent some illogical if not strictly illegal combinations.


Your IPA announcement didn't go unnoticed from me either! :-)

Keep up the good work! I've even been using the Simplified IPA version you sent me, in conjunction with XML Hack #78!

—Posted by Scott Hudson on 08 Apr 2005 @ 09:28 UTC #

I'm planning to publish Jägermeister versions of Simplified and perhaps the other doctypes next week. But first I need to fix the bugs you pointed out and clean up a few things.

—Posted by Norman Walsh on 09 Apr 2005 @ 02:38 UTC #