DocBook NG: The “Lillet” Release

Volume 8, Issue 63; 24 Apr 2005; last modified 08 Oct 2010

DocBook NG (and Simplified NG, Slides NG, and Website NG) in the official DocBook namespace.

This is the twelfth release of DocBook NG.

The most significant change in “Lillet” is that it uses the official DocBook V5.0 namespace, “” per the 20 Apr 2005 TC meeting. In every other respect, it is still an unofficial and personal experiment, but for implementors interested in beginning to develop support for DocBook V5.0, it means you can start to play with NG without worrying about pervasive namespace changes later on.

The other user-visible changes are:

  • Support annotations as per the 20 Apr 2005 DocBook TC meeting.

  • Allow alt in more places

  • Allow area to have either linkends or xlink:href.

  • Allow floatstyle on table and informaltable. Remove float.

  • Restore caption to mediaobject; add it to figure, example, table, informalfigure, informalexample, and informaltable.

  • Change method attribute values to lowercase; make action an xsd:anyURI on html:form. Add enctype and accept attributes to html:form; support fieldset.

    Move the HTML form elements to a separate extended schema.

  • Allow common attributes on HTML table elements; allow orient, pgwide, tabstyle, and floatstyle on HTML table element.

  • Allow title to be optional on equation.

  • Restored olink.

I've also released “Lillet” versions of Simplified NG, Slides NG, and Website NG.


I noticed the namespace discussion in the minutes of the meeting, but I wasn't clear (from those minutes) that the decision had been finalized. The minutes mention that you "proposed" using that namespace. They also mention the not-yet-finalized OASIS naming rules; I didn't think it was clear whether the committee wanted to wait for those rules to be finalized. This is, then, the final namespace?

—Posted by John L. Clark on 25 Apr 2005 @ 04:31 UTC #