DocBook V4.5b1

Volume 8, Issue 71; 05 May 2005; last modified 08 Oct 2010

DocBook V4.5b1 is now available.

DocBook V4.5b1 is now available from OASIS and the mirror.

The principle motivation for DocBook V4.5 is process-related, the TC wants to publish a version of DocBook under the new OASIS TC Process now that the process has been officially adopted. The Technical Committee expects to take V4.5 through the entire process to OASIS Standard. Once V4.5 has been reviewed and accepted as a Committee Specification, the various customizations and modules (Simplified, EBNF, etc.) will be updated to be based on V4.5.

Making another release was an opportunity to incorporate some recently approved enhancements:

Most of these changes have already been reflected in recent versions of DocBook NG.