Norwich, GB

Volume 8, Issue 87; 01 Jun 2005; last modified 08 Oct 2010

A selection of travel photos from my recent visit to my folks place.

Here are a selection of travel photos taken from my recent visit to my folks. These photos weren't actually taken in Norwhich, they're from Erpingham, North Walsham, Cromer, and the surrounding environs.

Polly escaped from the neighboring farm and got adopted. She lays about an egg a day and seems quite bright for a chicken. She knows, at least, that following my Mom around is a good way to get fed, as is pecking at the front door first thing in the morning.

On Tuesday, we took the nine mile Bure Valley Railway from Aylesham to Wroxham, just for fun.

I continue to admire the big oak trees that stand in open fields.

No that admiration necessarily translates into art. Shrug.


I'm trawling, iddling on the net looking for odd little jpgs to decorate the corners of letters. Often I place phrases of poetry or epigrams in search engines and see what images come up. Thus I found this site, and more of your photos. My impression of your photography is that the images emphasize the 2-dimensionality of all images. How odd your photos work against the temptation to explore non-existent dimenstionality of images (depth/time etc). Your images are mocking and emphatic and very beatiful. Paradoxically your work points one to the space between the emphatically 2-dimensional of photography and the apparently (superficially)_ 3-dimensional ocular vision. And in that gap is a huge philosophical space. Very good. I'll be hanging about looking at your photos to see some new spaces open up.

—Posted by Joanne on 08 Jun 2005 @ 01:10 UTC #