Volume 8, Issue 108; 19 Aug 2005; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Three days in London.

A city of cities, an aggregation of humanity, that probably has never been equaled in any period of the history of the world, ancient or modern.

Benjamin Disraeli

I'm really fond of London. And with no language barrier, odd spelling notwithstanding (/me ducks :-), it seemed like a good first stop. The day flight also seemed like a good idea, and I think it was.

For our first day, we bought tickets on one of the hop-on hop-off city tours. I like the London Underground, but you see more as a tourist this way. Our main destinations were the Tower of London and the Globe Theater.

There are some great displays of armor at the Tower and it's always fun to see the Crown Jewels.

Next time I visit London, seeing a play in the Globe is a priority. What a wonderful space! We ended the first day with a medieval banquet. Sounded like fun, but don't bother. Also of questionable value, the London Dungeon.

We spent day two heading out to Windsor Castle, Salisbury Cathedral, and Stonehenge.

Gothic architecture is magnificent.

One of the original Magna Carta documents was on display at Salisbury. Very, very cool.

We spent our last day doing things I'd never done. We went to Westminster Abbey, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, where we did some brass rubbings, and the Museum of London.

For more pictures, see the London set on Flickr. You may also be curious about the pub signs from this trip.

Next stop, Paris.