Quabbin Tower Trove Cache

Volume 8, Issue 115; 05 Sep 2005; last modified 08 Oct 2010

With three days of perfect weather, an afternoon of geocaching seemed like the perfect diversion.

The Quabbin Reservoir is beautiful. There are at least two caches to be had in the park that surrounds it, though they're widely separated and I only went looking for one, the Quabbin Tower Trove.

The cache is the marker in the upper right. The middle marker is where I parked. The lower one is a second cache, Here Fishie Fishie, that I haven't gone searching for yet.

I had in mind looking for a couple of caches, but you can no longer drive over Windsor Dam so it turned out to be a fairly long walk. If I'd entered from the other side, I could have driven to within a few hundred feet of the cache.

Not that there was any reason not to enjoy the walk across Windsor Dam

and up to the tower

on such a fine day. There are some more Quabbin photos on Flickr.