Greyfriars Bobby Cache

Volume 8, Issue 127; 05 Oct 2005; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Thwarted on my first attempt by driving wind and rain, I was determined to find a cache in Edinburgh before I left.

I set out on Monday to find Crag & Tail, but was thwarted by driving wind, rain, and the fact that the castle was closed. Undaunted, I was determined to find a cache in Edinburgh before I left.

On Wednesday, I looked at the possible caches, ate my lunch quickly, and set out for Greyfriars Bobby. Andrew, one of my XSL/XML Query colleagues, is interested in geocaching, so we went together.

It was a nice walk down to Greyfriars Kirk. I lead us a little astray, but Andrew found the graveyard and we got near the cache without any real difficulty.

After a few minutes of searching, we found the cache.

But that's not the interesting part of the story. The interesting part is that Andrew found a different cache that we weren't looking for and that, as far as I can tell, isn't in

Way to go, Andrew!



I am a senior at Davidson College in Davidson, NC. I am taking Animal Physiology course, and one of our assignments is to create a website about a particular physiology topic. I have chosen thermoregulation in marine turtles. I am writing to request permission to use the picture or pictures of marine turtles on your website in the one that I am making. I will credit you and your website for every picture I use, and I will note on every page that none of the pictures can be used without your permission. If you grant me permission, I will send you the web address once the site is completed so that you can see how your pictures are being used. The site is currently under construction, ... If you have a moment, please email me at ...

Sincerely, Katie

—Posted by Katie on 06 Oct 2005 @ 12:28 UTC #

Hi Katie,

As I replied in email, you're more than welcome to use the images.

P.S. I've edited your comment slightly so that your "work-in-progress" and email address are not publicly displayed.

—Posted by Norman Walsh on 07 Oct 2005 @ 01:57 UTC #