Dueling Installs

Volume 8, Issue 153; 30 Nov 2005; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Installing OpenSolaris on my Thinkpad. Part the first.

A while back, I bought a second hard drive for my Thinkpad T42p and I've been planning to install OpenSolaris on it. In fact I tried once, months ago, but got distracted and so I'm just going to start over.

Yesterday afternoon, I dragged down the four CDs that are Solaris Express build 27 and another couple of big files that are the 16 Nov 2005 build and spent a couple of hours offline reading dead trees and listening to my CD-ROM drive go “ka-chicka ka-chicka ka-chicka”.

Synchronicity being what it is, Tim Bray seems to have spent some time yesterday doing exactly the same thing, though he has a big, honking Ultra 20 to play with.

Unlike Tim, I don't mind system administration for the most part. In fact, at some level, I think I'm motivated by the fact that Ubuntu has just made Linux too damn easy. I didn't even bother building a custom kernel after installing Ubuntu and it “all just works.”

Where's the fun in that?

So yesterday I got Solaris Express installed without any difficulty. The next step is getting the latest OpenSolaris installed. I'll side with Tim on this part, it's not obvious from a quick skim of the release notes exactly how that's accomplished.

Then if I can get wifi, resolution switching, and an external monitor working (I have to be able to give presentations with this laptop, which means it has to be able to drive a projector), I'll live in Solaris land for a while. Extra bonus points to the OpenSolaris gurus if they've got ACPI support far enough along to support suspend.