JAXP 1.3.1

Volume 8, Issue 165; 19 Dec 2005; last modified 08 Oct 2010

A holiday present from the JAXP RI team!

The JAXP RI team released JAXP version 1.3.1 last week. You can download it from the JAXP area of Project Glassfish on java.net.

JAXP 1.3.1 fixes a collection of bugs in JAXP 1.3 (which is part of J2SE 5).

Remember to read the JAXP Compatibility Guide for the J2SE Platform, versions 1.4 and 1.5 in the distribution for notes about how to install JAXP 1.3.1 on your system. (There are the usual “endorsed dirs” wrinkles associated with upgrading packages that are part of the standard Java™ distribution.)


Cool! If you have chance to change things in JAXP 1.4, what about providing implementation of NamespaceContext. It is really overkill that in JAXP 1.3 you must provide implementation of this interface as long as you want to query namespaced XML using XPath. In other XPath APIs it is usually sufficient to register prefix and namespace by simple method call.

—Posted by Jirka Kosek on 19 Dec 2005 @ 07:17 UTC #

No, I'm afraid that that didn't get fixed. Clearly we should have done something about that, but it fell through the cracks for a while (mea culpa) and when it resurfaced it was too late to make the scale of changes we thought required.

I promise we'll deal with that (somehow) in V.next.

—Posted by Norman Walsh on 11 Jan 2006 @ 08:19 UTC #