DocBook V5.0b2

Volume 9, Issue 7; 13 Jan 2006; last modified 08 Oct 2010

The DocBook Technical Committee has published the second test release of DocBook V5.0.

Interrupted by the holiday break, I've finally managed to pull together the 5.0b2 release of DocBook V5.0. This release corrects a few small bugs identified in V5.0 (and adds one new feature, truth be told):

  1. When SVG or MathML are used, allow more than one element from the respective namespace to be used in the appropriate location.

  2. Fixed RFE 1356238: the xrefstyle attribute on olink is now “text” rather than “xsd:IDREF”.

  3. Fixed RFE 1380477: Make xml:id optional on areas within areaset; allow linking attributes on areaset; establish the semantics that an area inside an areaset inherits its linking attributes from the areaset if it doesn't have linking attributes of its own.

  4. Allow alt inside equation, informalequation, and inlineequation.

  5. Fixed RFE 1356254: dbforms.rnc schema now supports the HTML form elements.

There are a few outstanding bugs directly related to V5.0 that have not been addressed yet:

  1. RFE 1358844 requests support for multiple imageobjects in an imageobjectco. I have an action to investigate this further. I'm concerned because different images could have different coordinates. But by the same token, they could have the same coordinates and then it's tedious to have to repeat them.

  2. RFE 1351109 asks us to put structfield and structname back. I have an action to write something up about how authors should deal with markup that's been removed. But secretly, I expect the right thing to do here is put them back.

  3. RFE 1306027 asks for support for aspect-oriented programming (in particular, annotations in Java™) in classsynopsis and friends. Suggestions solicited. (Every time a question comes up about the places where we've tried to model something, I wish we'd avoided the temptation to model.)

Keep testing and keep those bug reports coming!

I expect to update DocBook 5: The Definitive Guide later today or sometime over the weekend.



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