DocBook V4.5CR2

Volume 9, Issue 27; 10 Mar 2006; last modified 08 Oct 2010

DocBook V4.5CR2 is a small bug fix to the Committee Specification of DocBook V4.5. The Technical Committee expects to send this version to the OASIS membership for approval as an OASIS Standard.

Back in January, after public review, the DocBook Technical Committee voted officially to release DocBook V4.5 as a Committee Specification.

Unfortunately, my day job interfered with actually getting that release out. Or perhaps fortunately because a very small bug was reported after that vote. (The citebiblioid element wasn't allowed in all the places that the other citation elements are allowed.)

So DocBook V4.5CR2 is the Committee Specification release with that small bug fixed. I've updated DocBook: The Definitive Guide as well. Exactly how a minor bug fix fits into the OASIS process and whether or not we are technically required to go through another official vote is unclear to me.

Anyway, since our telcon this month is on the 15th and the voting packet is due to the TC Administrator on the 15th, it seems unlikely that we'll get the OASIS voting process started this month. But next month…

In any event, I expect DocBook V4.5CR2 is what will become DocBook V4.5 the official standard.

Speaking of DocBook releases, I also published Simplified DocBook V1.2CR1. This DTD is a simplified subset of DocBook V4.5. It fixes a bug in Simplified DocBook V1.1 where caption is erroneously required on informaltable.