DocBook V5.0b4

Volume 9, Issue 26; 10 Mar 2006; last modified 08 Oct 2010

The DocBook Technical Committee has published the fourth test release of DocBook V5.0.

This release includes the changes agreed at the 15 Feb 2006 meeting and a number of other small edits designed to improve consistency in the schema.

  1. Fixed RFE 1416903: Added a cover element to hold additional material for document covers. Updated reference documentation.

  2. Corrected a typo in the list of values allowed on the class attribute of biblioid: changed “pubnumber” to “pubsnumber” (note the “s”). This is consistent with its use as a replacement for the pubsnumber tag that has been removed in DocBook V5.0.

  3. Fixed a bug in the content model of the various “info” elements. In previous beta releases, the title-related elements (title, titleabbrev, and subtitle) were erroneously required to appear first. The requirement is only that they appear exactly or at most once, depending on the context.

  4. Renamed the “sgmlcomment” attribute value of the class attribute of tag. There's no significant difference between XML and SGML comments and the “SGML” name implies that there ought to be an “xmlcomment” value, which there is not. The new value is simply “comment”.

  5. Renamed the “class” attribute of refmiscinfo. The DocBook semantics of class attributes is that they have enumerated values. This attribute should always have been called “type” as it is now.

  6. Updated renderas on bridgehead and class on othercredit to have “attribute/otherattribute” co-constraints. (In other words, if you select “other” for renderas on bridgehead or class on othercredit, you have to also provide a value for otherrenderas or othercredit, respectively.

  7. Changed width attribute in media objects to be “text” instead of “xs:integer”.

  8. Fixed bug in the build process that resulted in unusable XML Schema versions of beta 2 and beta 3.

I've once again updated DocBook 5: The Definitive Guide as well.

You know the drill: test, test, test. Please report any problems to .