DocBook V5.0b6

Volume 9, Issue 55; 03 Jun 2006; last modified 08 Oct 2010

This is the sixth test release of DocBook V5.0.

This release includes a few small improvements.

  1. Fixed RFE 1434294. MathML and SVG are now allowed inside imagedata so that you can use the mediaobject mechanism to “fall back” to less sophisticated presentations if necessary. As a consequence of allowing SVG inside imagedata, I've removed it as an alternative to imagedata. I think this makes more sense because the alignment and scaling attributes are on the imagedata element.

  2. Fixed RFE 1468921. Added person and org elements.

  3. Fixed RFE 1306027. Added support for aspect-oriented programming by allowing modifier to appear in more places and allowing xml:space on modifier.

  4. Added db.publishing.inlines to db.bibliographic.elements so that, for example, foreignphrase can be used in bibliomixed.

As DocBook V5.0 matures, the question of when we make the transition from “beta release” to “Candidate Release” arises. On the one hand, there's no pressing urgency. On the other, it's pretty stable, so what are we waiting for? More testing, I suppose, but Jirka has suggested that some large organizations won't even try it until we get beyond betas. I'm not sure what the right answer is. What do you think?


Yes, I want my customers to accept to use the new version. Yes, I believe it's time to go.

—Posted by Serge Libotte on 14 Jul 2006 @ 08:47 UTC #