JAXP 1.4 in Java SE 6

Volume 9, Issue 71; 18 Jul 2006; last modified 08 Oct 2010

The JAXP team successfully integrated JAXP 1.4 into “Mustang build 92”.

As the release train for Java SE 6 chugs along, there are only a few “integration slots” left. Those slots are our opportunity to update the code that ships with the SE release.

The “b92” integration that occurred on Monday was our last chance to easily get updates and bug fixes into the release. From now on, as the release team works to make sure Java SE 6 is stable and robust, more approvals will be required to get fixes integrated.

Noteworthy fixes in “b92” include some StAX RI compliance issues, handling unescaped characters in system identifiers correctly, adding the FEATURE field previously missing from StAXSource and StAXResult, fixing a parsing bug caused by long processing instructions, and improvements in class loader selection.

I'm not exactly sure when this build will appear as the public beta, but I expect it'll take a week or so. I'll post an update when I notice it.