… in the Belfry

Volume 9, Issue 77; 15 Aug 2006; last modified 08 Oct 2010

And in the hallway, and the living room, but not, I hope, in the attic. Anymore.

In lieu of writing the essays about the recent XML Processing Model WG meeting and Extreme Markup Languages (in my queue, I promise), pretty picturesAs distinct, perhaps, from pictures of pretty things, though I think she's cute.:

What happened was, we had a few small repairs done on the roof. One repair was to patch the flashing around the chimney where it had warped a little.

This meant the bats, hitherto living in the attic, had no way of getting out. Resourceful little blighters, they found a way. Through the crawlspace in the ceiling, I think. The first, I coaxed out an open window, then we left the crawlspace and the window open for an evening in the hopes that they'd all get out.

Mostly, they did. But there have been two interlopers since. This one I found on the window screen in the living room yesterday. Hopefully, she's (I think it had teats) the last.