DocBook V5.0b8

Volume 9, Issue 90; 27 Sep 2006; last modified 08 Oct 2010

This is the eighth test release of DocBook V5.0.

This release includes a bug fix and a few small improvements.

  1. Fixed RFE 1535166: Improved the data types of attributes in DocBook. For example, the number of columns in a table is now a “positiveInteger” and the rowsep attribute is now constrained to either “0” or “1”. See Jirka’s summary.

  2. Fixed RFE 1549632: The inlineequation element should use inlinemediaobject not mediaobject.

  3. A number of small documentation improvements in the area of attribute and attribute enumerations.

We didn't quite make it to “Candidate Release 1”, but we're getting awfully close. If you haven't tested V5.0 on your documents yet, please do!