JAXP 1.4 (JSR 206 MR FCS!)

Volume 9, Issue 119; 02 Dec 2006; last modified 08 Oct 2010

JAXP 1.4 has been released. This is the version that will appear in the Java 6 Platform.

The maintenance release of JSR 206 Java API for XML Processing has achieved FCS!

I'd like to thank the entire team, the members of the informal expert group that helped us through the maintenance review process, and the external folks who took the time to review and comment on the specification.

As I said before, the really big change is support for StAX, but there have been bug fixes and a few performance enhancements as well.

The detailed Change Log seems to be (temporarily) missing from the MR page, so I've put a local copy online (it's big).

Of course, no sooner is one release finished than one is asked to start thinking about the next. There are some things that we didn't feel we could do in a maintenance release (fixing the NamespaceContext issues comes immediately to mind), and now that we have StAX in JAXP, it'd be nice to see some clarification in the StAX specification.

Assuming we decide to push forward with a JAXP 1.5, I think our main goals are likely to be ease of use and peformance.

But please, tell me what you think should happen to JAXP next.

Oh, and speaking of next, we're still committed to open development. You'll find that there are already a few bug fixes in the repository at the jaxp project that happened after the FCS deliverable. Such is the way with deliverables.

Thanks again, everyone.


In addition to StAX, I am happy about the addition of TransformerFactory.newInstance(String factoryClassName, ClassLoader classLoader) and the corresponding method in SAXParserFactory; it's nice to be able to stick to JAXP and not have to set system properties (thus potentially upsetting other applications running in a server's VM) in order to control which parser and XSLT engine you're working with. A tip of the hat to someone for that!

—Posted by Adam Constabaris on 04 Dec 2006 @ 11:19 UTC #