DocBook V5.0CR1

Volume 9, Issue 125; 21 Dec 2006; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Several weeks late, but still in 2006, I'm pleased to announce the first “candidate release” of DocBook V5.0!

I had really hoped that we could announce this milestone at the XML 2006 conference (nevermind that I didn't have a platform from which to make any such announcement), but it took longer than I expected to pull it together. I got it out in 2006, at least.

This release is the first “candidate release” of DocBook V5.0. The “betas” are behind us and that's a sure sign that the DocBook Technical Committee thinks it's just about finished. Mostly this release resolves the arbitrary metadata issue and fixes a few bugs:

  1. Made the content model of blockquote broader. It was restricted too far in the transition to 5.0.

  2. Fixed RFE 1575537: Allow markup from other namespaces in info.

  3. Fix the content model of ackno so that it's the same as DocBook 4.x.

  4. Fix bug where caption was accidentally allowed in CALS tables.

If you haven't tested V5.0, please do. If you have, and you found something you didn't like, please speak up soon!