DocBook 5.0CR3

Volume 10, Issue 23; 23 Mar 2007; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Hot on the heels of CR2 comes CR3, the third “canididate release” of DocBook 5.0.

This week, the DocBook Technical Committee decided to set a “feature freeze” date for DocBook V5.0. This sets us on a solid course for an official V5.0 release in the next couple of months. Any requests for enhancement received after 20 April 2007 will not be considered for DocBook V5.0. (Bug reports will, of course, continue to be addressed.)

The following RFEs have been accepted and incorporated into DocBook V5.0CR3:

  1. RFE 1679775: Changed semantics of termdef. A firstterm is now required (instead of a glossterm as in previous releases). This allows the definition of one term to refer to another.

  2. RFE 1682917: Added pgwide attribute to example.

  3. RFE 1644553: Added label attribute to CALS and HTML tables.

  4. RFE 1588693: Added an acknowledgements element, peer to dedication, replacing ackno which had only been available at the end of article.

  5. After several months of consideration and experimentation, we decided to allow info in HTML tables.

  6. RFE 1673820: Adopted “” as an XLink role (that is, the xlink:role attribute) value to identify OLinks expressed using XLink attributes.

You know the drill: download and test, test, test, please!