Ubuntu Application Server

Volume 10, Issue 35; 21 Apr 2007; last modified 08 Oct 2010

More incredible Java tools just an apt-get install away!

I thought it was really great when we got Java packaged up and distributed through the Debian packaging system (used by Debian, Ubuntu, and a raft of related distributions).

As a Java developer working for Sun, I have lots of reasons to install Java myself. But there are lots of technologies for which I don't have obvious daily need, and for those, I really appreciate the ability to just apt-get install them. Java must be one of those technologies for lots of other people.

For an encore, I see that we've arranged to get both Glassfish, our open source, production quality, enterprise application server, and NetBeans, our open source IDE platform, into “Feisty Fawn”, the latest Ubuntu distribution.

NetBeans has become my Java development environment of choice, nudging aside even (brace yourselves) Emacs so I'm really happy to see it in Ubuntu. I'm happy to see Glassfish too because I keep meaning to spend some time with it and that just got even easier.

Bravo! And Congratulations to everyone who labored to make this happen!


NB nudged emacs! I heard them same thing recently from another long-time emacs user. Could you please provide more info on PROS/CONS of the switch? What do you use emacs for now?

—Posted by Harold Carr on 24 Apr 2007 @ 07:12 UTC #

As a Java developer using Ubuntu and Debian, I completely agree about the easy package management with apt-get. Debian/Ubuntu is a fine platform for Java, but can you, speaking as a Sun person, tell me: Other than hiring the inventor of Debian, Ian Murdoch, any idea what are Sun doing about bringing better packaging to OpenSolaris? It would be great if Sun, the people at gnusolaris.org and Debian all joined forces to produce a distribution with a choice of kernels, the superb GNU userland and apt all rolled into one.

One of my boxes is a dual-boot Debian/Solaris Developer Express. The thing that's letting the Developer Express down badly on that box, in my experience, is the update manager.

—Posted by Robin Joinson on 12 Jun 2007 @ 12:45 UTC #