JAXP V1.4.2

Volume 10, Issue 56; 04 Jun 2007; last modified 08 Oct 2010

The JAXP team have pushed out another update release of the Java API for XML Processing (JAXP). V1.4.2 addresses a packaging oversight and fixes some bugs.

Last week, while I was at a TAG face-to-face meeting, the JAXP team released version 1.4.2 of JAXP.

In addition to fixing a few bugs, this distribution corrects an oversight in packaging that prevented JAXP 1.4 from working correctly with JDK 1.4. (The fact that they're both version “1.4” is just a confusing coincidence, I swear.)

The change log reveals all the details.

(Some of these fixes are critical for my nascent XProc implementation, so do plan to update if you want to follow along when that's released.)