Prague, Czech Republic

Volume 10, Issue 63; 06 Jul 2007; last modified 16 Dec 2010

Although I was mostly in town for XML Prague, I did get to wander through this beautiful city on a couple of mornings and one evening. I also managed an excursion to the countryside.

The Czech Republic is country number twelve for me. Only, uhm, 28 more to go. Not that I have plans to get any more this year, alas.

Prague is a beautiful, historic city. I found it small enough to be mostly walkable, which I always like, though I didn't really have time to explore at great length, so maybe it's bigger than I think. In any event, public transit appeared to be convenient and plentiful.

Jirka give me a brief tour the morning I landed and I spent another evening and another morning wandering about with my camera. If I'd had more time, I'd have planned better. I'm not really sure exactly what I was seeing, but I enjoyed seeing it.

After the conference, Jirka arranged a really delightful overnight trip into the countryside.

Jirka took Uche Petr and me to a small pension near a friends winery. Mr. Adámek grows his own grapes and using those grapes (and grapes he gets from friends and family) he makes a number of delicious wines.

We were invited for a tasting in the cellar.


The next morning, they treated us to breakfast. Their hospitality was spectacular. Thank you!

That evening, I tried some night shots back in Prague

For more pictures, see the Prague and Outside Prague sets on Flickr.


The last picture of Charles Bridge is realy nice. I 'photopainted' some pictures of Old Town Square and made a site for it Prague Sketch . Enjoy it.

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