Bring out your tests

Volume 10, Issue 88; 05 Sep 2007; last modified 08 Oct 2010

I've made another stab at the foundations for an XProc test suite. Coming soon: test validation and the ability to upload (and maybe some day run) your own tests.

Tests are going to be critical to getting XProc through Candidate Recommendation stage in a timely fashion. (I hope we're going to get to Last Call real soon now.)

I've created a few more tests since we started collecting them, but I've also been pretty solidly heads-down hammering out what will eventually be the aforementioned Last Call draft.

To see the new test suite site, point your browser at

The tests are now written in a vocabulary that encapsulates the inputs and outputs instead of spraying them about in different subdirectories. There's also support for tests that consume and produce sequences of documents as well as for some post-processing (necessary, for example, to test pipelines that write their output to disk).

Some of the tests still use pipeline documents as input. That's confusing, and will change over time.

As soon as I have my implementation running against this test vocabulary, I'll start publishing a regular report. If you have an implementation, let me know, and I'll arrange it so you can publish yours too. I smell the atom publishing protocol in my future.

It's never too early to start writing tests.