Sailing away

Volume 10, Issue 93; 19 Sep 2007; last modified 31 Oct 2010

As extra-curricular activities go, an evening sail across the Solent for dinner on the Isle of Wight is hard to beat.

I've been in Southampton this week for a TAG face-to-face meeting. Long days, hard work, all the things usually associated with working group meetings. (Good friends, good fun, also associated, so I'm not complaining.)

Fun-wise, in particular, Nigel Shadbolt, one of our hosts, suggested an evening sail. He gathered some qualified skippers from among his friends and we took two boats from the port of Lymington across the Solent to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight for dinner.

Here's Nigel's boat “Unrivaled” getting underway as we're leaving port.

Our meandering journey across the Solent was picturesque in the extreme.

We were treated to fine views of the Lymington harbour and its surrounding coast.

As well as a marvelous sunset.

In Yarmouth, we dined at “On the Rocks” where I was served a hunk of raw venison on a flaming hot rock. Easily hot enough to cook on, I'm happy to report.

There are more pictures on Flickr. And, if you prefer, you can see Flickr's map with the pictures.