The XML Pipeline Processor, V0.0.3

Volume 10, Issue 113; 19 Oct 2007; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Announcing the second release of the XML Pipeline Processor, my implementation of XProc: An XML Pipeline Processor.

Today, just before I drop off the net for two weeks, I'm making the second release of my nascent XProc processor. You'll find all the details on the project status page.

Fair warning: this release is still very alpha. It is known to have the following bugs:

  • The defaulting story for primary inputs and outputs seems to work only in some cases.

  • The p:xsl-formatter, p:xquery, and p:validate-with-schematron steps are not implemented.

  • A large, almost random collection of debugging messages are printed.

  • Error reporting is abysmal.

No doubt it has many others.

However, it does (at least partially) implement almost all of the steps and it does work for me, so maybe it'll work for you. I suggest you read the release notes before deciding if it's something you want to try today.

Bug reports and other comments most welcome. I expect to continue to work on making it complete and correct at least until the XProc specification has successfully exited its candidate recommendation phase.

It passes almost 90% of the test suite. It was doing a little better before I broke the defaulting story.

But I figured since I'll be off the net for two weeks, I ought to make it easy to let anyone interested play with the latest bits.


thx norm,

will test with wild abandon!

cheers and have a well deserved break.

cheers, Jim Fuller

—Posted by Jim Fuller on 19 Oct 2007 @ 05:17 UTC #